Legion of Honor Awards

The IFOJJ would like to always improve our annual event as much as we can and not leave our loyal members and supporters without a progressive system of acknowledgement for their dedication to the arts. Unlike a "Hall of Fame" these awards recognize a Martial Artists' dedication to the arts. We have decided to add to the Legion of Honor Awards in the spirit of the martial arts. With a true progression of titles using the well known warriors and time and place we have read about in history. After all, we are modern day warriors practicing the code of the bushido. This was always the philosophy taught by our founder O’sensei Michael De Pasquale Sr.



Additional Requirements

Combat MMA fighter   Black Belts that have an MMA history
Bushido8 to 14 At least 16 years old and at least two years as a Black Belt
Tanto15 to 19Minimum age = 20
Shoto20 to 24 Minimum age = 25
Samurai25 to 29 Minimum age = 30
Daito30 to 34Minimum age = 35
Daimyo35 to 39 Minimum age = 40
Shogun40 to 49 Minimum age = 50
Imperial Court50 + Minimum age = 60
Young Warriors Spirit Award Under age 16 and by instructor's nomination only
Military Service Award Awarded to martial artists who have served in the armed forces.
Michael DePasquale Sr's Gold Shield Award Awarded to martial artists who are active or retired law enforcement officers.
Budo Spirit Award Posthumously awarded to martial arts pioneers and masters. Recipients are selected each year by Soke DePasquale Jr.

If you will be awarded the same award due to time requirements it would follow the order: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.

2013 Legion of Honor Nominations now being accepted!

Nominations for the 2013 Legion of Honor are now being accepted. To nominate an individual click here and you will be directed to our nomination page.