IFOJJ Martial Arts University 2005 - WOW!

submitted by Joe Diaco

I recently had one of the BEST experiences in all my years of martial arts training. I am writing of the 2005 IFOJJ Weekend of Warriors seminar. In fact there were so many exciting facets; I am almost at a loss for where to begin. From fantastic training with world class instructors, to beautifully executed demos; from praising inductees to the IFOJJ Legion of Honor, to celebrating the 80th birthday of Dai Soke Michael DePasquale Sr.; from the natural beauty of Bear Mountain, to the natural blending of energies that occurs when people who share a common interest gather together to expand their horizons.

The instructor line up was overwhelming: Michael DePasquale, Jr., Joe Miller, Gary Alexander,Jesus Bonilla, Joe Hess, Joe Bonacci, David James, Rick Fike, Michael Burton, John Deblasio, Bill D’Urso, Harris Warren, Steven Gamma, Jimmy Steger, Marvin Carmona, Greg Ferry, Walt Lysak, Jr., Richard Ryan, Steven Lundy, John Olshlager, Mark Walker, George Espinosa, Fred Bernier, Mark Walker, Roger Roy, myself, and many more.

We trained for over sixteen hours during the three day period. Several instructors focused on reality based fighting, while others took a more traditional path. I had the honor of taking ukemi for many of the aforementioned teachers; reality based or traditional, both paths lead to the same result—a physiological and psychological dismantling of one’s joints, one’s balance, and one’s desire to continue attacking through the implementation of body mechanics and pain compliance. A plethora of techniques flowed from the minds of these fabulous instructors; so many in fact, that one would be lucky to remember five or ten to practice at one’s home dojo.

The video salute to Dai Soke Michael DePasquale Sr., IFOJJ awards ceremony, and demonstrations by over a dozen dojos all took place on Saturday evening. Awards were divided into three classes: the Shogun, the Samurai, and the Bushido. Only twelve Shogun awards were presented to those martial arts practitioners with 40 or more years logged—among those recipients were Gary Alexander, Joe Miller, and Jesus Bonilla.

I am truly honored to have received the Samurai award; not only for the award itself, but more importantly, to be a member of this group containing people such as David James, Walt Lysak, Jr., Fred Bernier, George Espinosa, Mark Walker, Shawn Flanagan—WOW! I’m still in disbelief.

Once again, what an incredible weekend!! I have attended seminars all over the country for many years now; I am compelled to write that the attendees formed one of the best groups of people I have ever had the pleasure to meet, and with whom to train. This event absolutely embodies the camaraderie of the martial arts brotherhood—sharing of technique, discussing different training philosophies, recognition of each other’s accomplishments, and laughing with one another during a Sunday afternoon BBQ on the mountain. I am already looking forward to the 2006 Martial Arts University; I hear it is going to be even bigger and better.

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We will be honoring selected individuals with the Shogun, Samurai, and Bushido Spirit awards. If you would like to attend, or nominate someone for an award, please go to our site (www.IFOJJ.com) and register for this event in advance to guarantee tickets for you and any of your attending family members or students.

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