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MAU 2013:

On-line registration will soon be available for IFOJJ's Martial Arts University 2013. This year's date is June 20-21, 2013. Guests are allowed to come up on the 19th and rent a hotel for the night or stay on the grounds in a camper, tent, or in the pavilion. Seminar's will be done on Saturday and Sunday ONLY

Martial Arts University:

MAU, A Huge Success

Martial Art University was a weekend of great training with instructors teaching various techniques to all those who came.MAU 2009 From Shiatsu, Aikido, Grappling, traditional ju-jitsu, to standup karate and combat Ju-jitsu the instruction was excellent to all those who trained. Instructors like Joe Miller, Jesus Bonilla, Bill D’Urso, Joe Hess, Fred Burnier, Walt Lyzack, Pete Mills, Greg Ferry, Joe Diaco, Roger Roy, Brent Crisi, Ross Greenberg, and many others, took their place teaching throughout the weekend and did a fantastic job. We would like to thank all those instructors mentioned and those not mentioned for their instruction and support of this great event. At the banquet as usual a tribute was in place for our founder Michael DePasquale Sr, and our close friend and IFOJJ rep. Joe Bonacci who will be missed greatly.

DePasquale Yoshitsune Traditional and Combat Ju-Jitsu Black Belts that attended.

Martial Arts University 2009

Martial Arts University 2009


Martial Arts University 2008

Martial Arts University Weekend of Warriors 2008 The International Federation of Jujutsuans MARTIAL ART UNIVERSITY 2008 WEEKEND OF WARRIORS A GREAT SUCCESS!!!!